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Artwork strashnaya zvezda

Strashnaya zvezda

Russian-speakers are able to recognize the meaning of this name - which transliteration means "scary star".

But what is the meaning of scary stars?

Stars are bright and surrounded by emptiness and darkness. Scary stars are artificial, fueled by nightmare and restless mind structures. They are buildings with crumbling stairs and seashells growing on sunken wood.

All woodworks by Ravengold house are strashnii zvezdi, scary stars, but this one is the first of them, biggest of them, and owns no other name, just Strashnaya zvezda.

black pearl_2022_40x40jacked.jpg

Black Pearl

Black Pearl has its origin in salty sea water. You can see the ribcage of a sea monk, the entrance to a secret grotto, the crown of a royal seashell, waves and slugs. What else? The symmetry of a radiolaria, the living mathematical perfection.

eight ravens_2022_40x40jacked-e.jpg

Eight ravens

Eight ravens has a light rococo touch. It was carved from spruce (Germ. Fichte).

scary moon_2022_40x40j.jpg

Scary moon

A moon among the stars. Untangling it's symbolism, notice how every spirit has a root, a light, an order on it's own.

This artwork is carved from spruce.

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